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Monday, January 09, 2012

Resources for our teal sisters, can you help?

Ovarian Cancer National Alliance

I am a proud member of the community, a resource that brings people together.  Our ovarian group is in need of information about all resources that could help some of our sisters in need.  Although most of our sisters have loving family to support them or help during this crisis, many do not.  I was so blessed to have my family help me and cannot image going through this alone.

If you know of anything, local or otherwise, please send me information and I can give it to the group.

The hard part about using resources is first locating them, organizing them and then all the paperwork to apply for help.  Many ladies are in need.  We can do more.

Thank you followers...................

Resources from simple searches............................. cer/Resources-- php lp/index.php VwOn_g Free&k=cancer%20support%20groups&gclid=CIeuor2rwq0CFRRZhwodUB5NAw YbQgoddTY3Ag

Maybe one of these will make a big difference for each of us. Peace and Blessings. Love, Denise

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