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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Missing The Pacific Northwest -Great Video From Joe Hendricks

Now that I have relocated back home, to be with family, I appreciate even more the memories of the Seattle area and its surrounding beauty.  I have a friend up there, Joe Hendricks, who is an avid climber and lives in adoration of our Lord.  He frequently posts photos and videos of his great adventures in the pristine forests along the shores of the Puget Sound or up high in the Cascade or Olympic Mountains.

Here is a beautiful clip, birds singing in the background bringing us to the beautiful waters in the Sound.  It is a great escape, a mini trip away from any anxiety you may feel today.  It's like therapy.......ha!

You are pry wondering why I cling to this beauty. It is because it is very peaceful being in those lush enchanted forests.  I only went on a few short walks with Joe but they are treasured in my heart.  I hope you subscribe to his 'You Tube' channel so that you can be alerted to see all of his upcoming endeavors.

I am just settling into my new place in Colorado.  I grew up here in this beautiful Rocky Mountain state and am looking forward to a mini drive up into the hills soon. I miss the fragrance of the evergreens and the views up along the Continental Divide.  My family is here. My family is the most important part of my life with God always in the forefront of each moment of my existence on earth.

I am going to miss Dr. Gray so much it hurts to talk about it.  She has referred me to a top gynonc out here and I look forward to meeting him and resuming my Avastin treatments as soon as possible.  Insurance transitions are a bear......but it will all be just fine.  My blood pressure is rising quite a bit and that is probably due to the Avastin. My fatigue is ridiculous and I have had lots of stomach issues.  All part of living with cancer  and the treatments but I thank God I get by each day independently enjoying its ups and downs.

Note to remember:  If you ever transition from a Medicare Advantage plan to regular Medicare, remember that Medicare coverage begins only on the first of the month.  Keep that in mind if you have the ability to schedule a move.  Not everyone at Medicare knows this and when you call to find out these details you may not get all the information.  It all will work out OK, I will only have a short delay in treatments.  Nightmare...........Ha.

Here is the video.  Enjoy!

Peace and Blessings