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Monday, January 23, 2012

Left in the dust

This is a quick congratulatory note to my sweet sweet niece who passed one of her black belt tip tests over the weekend!  Her very gifted older sister got her black belt during the Holidays and now her little sister is on the way to earning her own.  I did not get to go to the graduation ceremony because I work evenings, but I was there in spirit.

I feel left in the dust because of how well conditioned they are.......

I have another niece and a nephew in another state who are remarkable hockey and soccer players.  I can't wait to get back home to see them play...just can't wait. I am so so lucky.  All of these children are amazing, cheerful, loving and mindful.  They're just darn good kids.

Although I was never blessed with the joy of being a mom, I feel as if I am partly their mom, if you know what I mean.

I just wanted to pass along some family cheer.  I wish I could be with all of them all the time..........sigh.

Be Love

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