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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

An Oasis Of Hope and Love: The OLCC Retreat Center

felt love in a way so different than ever before as a result of my recent retreat experience. Complete love in that we are all children of God.  I felt safe. This was the place for me. Father Dan was abundant with love for each of us.  His story-telling and presence made this journey real because he is genuine and shares with sincerity and humor.  Thank you Father Dan.

I arrived in Corpus Christi as a woman in need of healing. Not just physical healing, but spiritual healing.  I love God, I always have. Every day I have said my prayers and counted my blessings. I also have known that my soul is deeply bruised and my goal to leave this earthly life in full peace with God, my family and friends cannot be met unless I do more.

The serene campus’ focal point, a stunning blue dome, sits atop the Our Lady of Corpus Christi chapel. The gold stars on the dome reflect the vision of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Inside this most beautiful mission style church you can view elegant works of art and the Perpetual Adoration chapel. 

I did not need to be concerned with meeting my basic needs, they take care of that for you. Healthy meals, with my dietary needs, were prepared with love. I stayed in a private room with a private bath. They even transported me to and from the airport. These simple luxuries are provided to us so that we concern ourselves only with healing, prayer and growing closer to God.  Our team leader gently and with great care attended to every question and need.  

You are wondering what I accomplished, what did I learn?  Each individual receives their own rewards.  I will share mine, but to see my face and hear what I have to say would be a better reflection as to the depth of this journey.

I feel so much peace and have not stopped humming.  I want to be with peace for others.  In the world of cancer, this alone can change your life. We suffer so much pain, anxiety, and fear and this circulates around us, impacting the ones we love.  Having a deeper sense of peace will bring people closer to us.  It breaks down communication barriers with doctors and helps family and friends feel more at ease with our discomfort. I will have much more strength for when things turn for me.

It was also revealed to me that several things were interfering with my relationship with God. I was relieved of that burden, I am lighter. Moving forward is now easier.

I can see God, Jesus, in others much more clearly. By seeing God in others we are more loving, even in a state of bodily chaos, our hearts can shine.  I have written about this before and have strived to do this, but had not always been successful.  I feel confident that I will remain able to see God in others, even in the worst times.

On my last evening I was adoring the Blessed Virgin Mary.  The church's entryway has a beautiful statue of Our Lady Mother Mary. As I rested in awe of her, I witnessed for a brief second, her eyes look upon me with mercy.  This may sound ridiculous but trust me, it is true.  I trust in her. I trust in God. It was a very special gift given to me, to share with you.

We are not alone in our battle with cancer. God is with us and wants for us to find and keep His love.  For our journey will not end when we leave this earthly life.  He offers us great comfort.

I want for YOU to feel His comfort in any way possible. I hope you know that I am sincere.

I would like you to send me an email if you are interested in attending a custom retreat for women with cancer, ovarian cancer especially.

I am talking with Sister Laudem Gloriae and Father Dan as to the details. I know of one woman who already who wants to attend.

You do not have to be a Catholic. A donation in leiu of a fee is requested but not required. They do not wish for money to be a barrier.

The OLCC Retreat Center offers a place of hope, peace and love.

You are welcome to attend any of the already scheduled retreats, but if you want to go as part of our special group, please email me as soon as possible.

My email address is and put “OLCC Retreat” in the subject line.

Please make sure you are OK to travel with your doctor.  I am happy to reply to your questions as well.

Here is the link to the retreat:

Peace and Blessings from Servivorgirl

Friday, January 16, 2015

100,000 VIEWS Thanks To You

I don't even know what to say.  I am very humbled that this little blog has created such a strong interest.  To be honest, I am stunned. This makes me very happy.

I went back and read a post from May of 2012 at a time when I was in carboplatin desensitization treatment.  I was not a happy camper. Today I am here, not in THAT condition, but much healthier and much happier.

I have no real executive plan or outline as to the content for my blog.

I write about what is important at the moment because that is how life with cancer or any other severe illness runs.  Often times we just live the best we can moment by moment and every plan has a "plan B".

I thank God for all the loving people in my life and I pray for your health and happiness.

Thank you for following along beside me for without you I would not be here.

Peace and Blessings,

Sunday, January 11, 2015

"NED The Movie" Across America February 4th 2015: WORLD CANCER DAY

What are you doing February 4th, 2015 on World Cancer Day?

All across America, on this special day, Regal Cinema will host screenings of "N.E.D. The Movie".  I have never witnessed a nationwide event like this in the history of ovarian cancer awareness. This is truly something special.

In addition, people in the city of Seattle will have the opportunity to see Dr. Barbara Goff.  Dr. Barbara Goff is a highly accomplished leader in the field of gynecology oncology and will answer questions after the screening in Seattle.  I am very excited about this event.

I have seen this truly inspiring and uplifting film. Their music is awesome.  

This is your chance to see the incredible impact these gynecology oncology surgeons have by using their music to raise awareness of this issue.  See how they save womens lives using their surgical skills. 

They empower all of us by dedicating their time, not only to saving women in the physical sense, but by bringing people together with their music to educate and raise awareness of ovarian cancer.

I also see this event as a vehicle to bridge gaps in understanding between women with ovarian cancer and the loved ones in her life.  

Please click on the links below to find a show at a Regal Cinema near you on February 4th, 2015.       (Fandango website does require a registration for notifications as to when tickets are available for purchase.)

Meet Dr. Barbara Goff:

I will see you in Seattle on February 4th, 2015!

Peace and Blessings


Friday, January 09, 2015

Saying Goodbye To Anger

Welome to 2015!

To be honest, I feel like it is already February.  The first 9 days of 2015 have been packed full with major decisions, fluctuations in my state of health, being magnetized by and consumed with finishing the Bible and being true to my calling, as best I can be. With all this I have not had the energy keep up with the level of watch over the ovarian cancer community like I would prefer.

So as I write this I am deflated, sad, because I just learned that a 17 year old young woman has died from ovarian cancer.  #SamStrong May she rest in peace.

Before I learned of her death my original intention was to do a post about cancer and dental care.  I wanted to keep the first post of 2015 simple. There is just too much to mention so I will sum that portion of this post up by saying this:  "Google Biofilm and follow the recommendations to keep biofilm at bay".  Your teeth wil love you. 

Spiritual care is of course much more involved.

In the next few weeks I will be attending a 3 day spiritual retreat of silence and prayer.  As God has offered ways for me to keep helping other people I find that I am more and more inspired to learn as much as I can about Love from God and His Mercy. I thought I had understood this, but I had not.

I did not know the young woman who left her family and friends so early but there must have been a deeply rooted feeling of brotherly love within her circle.  If you search #SamStrong you will see all the wonderful things she accomplished during her short life.  Her spirit inspires me. She seemed to have mercy.

Someone close to me recently said that when it comes to God things will be revealed to you when you are ready.  Each soul on earth is on a separate timeline but we all are welcome to receive God at anytime, if we choose to do so. God gave us free will.

So although I have been dissappointed in myself for taking so long to read through the Bible, I will not berate myself.  I have finished reading through Romans and in the past few weeks I have been enlighted in so many ways.  

I recently realized that I had been holding onto anger about a particular scenario.  I thought it had gone, but it hadn't.  By the acts of confession, prayer and studying I am truly beginning to understand what mercy is.  

I am not a model but am dedicated to having true mercy from this point on.  

Anger is the enemy.  The priest said that even justified anger serves no real purpose and that God wants us to have mercy in the way that Christ Jesus has mercy.  I want every ounce of anger out of my soul and it will be a labor of love to do so.  I do not want to die with any anger in my heart.

I plan to write about my retreat experience in hopes that some of you may be inspired to heal yourself in spirit too.  This will help our bodies.

Thank you for following along with this disorganized post.  I will be looking for other women to join me on another spiritual retreat that will include prayer and dedication to healing from illness as well, whether you are the patient or loved one.  You do not have to be Catholic to attend.  

Please email me if you may be interested at

Peace and Blessings,