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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

CT scan and CA 125 on Tuesday

I have a follow-up with my gyoc-onc tomorrow.  Ct scan, Ca-125 test, and probably exam.  Usually I don't tell people much any more because the visits have been going great.  I'm going to attribute my severe fatigue to arthritis flare for now.  I'm confident all will be well.  Just putting it out there.  I'll post the results.

Yesterday for the first time I really visualized the size of the tumors that were removed during the initial surgery. 10 cm each, plus many more.  That's the perfect size of a grapefruit. Wow....

The first week in February I'm excited because I'll get to talk with some medical students and share with them what it was like to not be diagnosed, how cancer got missed and the goal is to help them be more aware of the subtleties of OC.  I'll let you know how that goes.  Had a great evening!!!!!  Got to see my nieces.....yay and spent dinner with my sister, her husband and the kids.  I'm smiling.


  1. I have my 6 month follow-up tomorrow. Are you going to be at SCCA? I'll be there at 1:30. I hope the visit goes great!

  2. Oh Nicole, thank you. see the doctor this afternoon....had CT this morning. I pray all that comes for you tomorrow is great news and more blessings. Peace to you

  3. Denise! How exciting that you will be visiting with med students about ovca and how subtle symptoms are too often casually brushed aside.

    When I am off chemo (which isn't often these days!!!) the arthritis really flares. I think the decadron given with the chemo helps alleviate the arthritis and when I no longer get the decadron, the arthritis comes back.

    I hope to hear good results at your visit tomorrow. Bless you!!!!!

  4. Only good news is on the menu. I go Mon for blood. Al, of us SCCA?


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