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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Dear Cathy Rest in Peace

I have to take a deep breath because I'm about to write a difficult blog.  Our beloved online teal sister 
Cathy A. has left our earthly world and has moved on to a much better place.  

She is now with God, resting and hopefully smiling.

When I first joined this online community of amazing people, Cathy was more than likely the one to post a funny story or joke, to help us heal through laughter.  She was gifted, blessed and very generous with her humor.  I always enjoyed her posts and looked forward with great anticipation to reading her quirky notes.

She fervently raced after a clinical trial, but only God knows why her road was rocky.  Although I never met her, she will forever be in my memory as an unselfish and graceful woman who fully gave of herself for the betterment of others.  As I was saying goodbye to my little bee, her dear family was saying goodbye to her.  She went home, and is no longer in pain.

Rest in Peace dear Cathy.  I pray for your dear husband and family.  May God hold you gently in his arms.

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