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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Joy comes from all kinds of places

My JOYS for today:

1.  Playing a new game with Addie, she always wins no matter what.  I want to be a kid again, don't you?
2.  Just seeing my sister, gives me relief.  She came by with Addie Her daughter) today for a short visit, and it was just blissful.  Don't ask me what frog juice is, but I can tell you finding it is fun. I am thankful that she has a beautiful life with Patrick and the girls, it makes me feel secure.
3.  Seeing mom's huge smile when they were here just spontaneously having fun.
4.  Remembering the smile on my mom's face when my brother called Sunday morning.  And then I think about his beautiful children and I can't stop smiling.
5.  Remembering the smile on my mom's face when she talked with her brother today.  His son got a job in the airline industry, yay for him.
6.  Weeding (thank goodness the soil is really damp).  It brings you literally down to earth, you forget problems and enjoy the sun, the dirt, the green, and just working the soil.  I'll pay for it tomorrow for sure.
7.  Remembering being at karate last week with Mandy and the girls, what fun.
8.  Remembering going to Tammy's wedding two years ago, (almost) and now she's about ready to have her baby.
9.  Remembering the smile on my mom's face and the huge roar of laughter each time she talks with her sister Deb, it's fun to listen, mom has a great laugh.
10. Remembering the surprise and joy mom felt when she got a little blankie from her other sister Bern.
11.Remembering the soft little kiss from "J".  Now what am I going to do?  
12.  The most joy was the elated feeling I get from going to church, spending special time with God, praying for my family, medical team, friends, ovca sisters and the homeless. Knowing dad's OK.  Thank you God for all your help this week.

Peace, Blessings and all my Love to you

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