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Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Body Image, dating and freaking out

"J" and I had such a great phone conversation on Monday.  We talked for almost an hour, everything from the Bin Laden situation to religion to kids' soccer.  It's been a really long time since I had a guy show any interest in me and it felt pretty good.  I am relieved to say that yes, he believes in God, and has some Catholic in him.  Yay.  The most important thing was a belief in God.  He doesn't regularly go to church, but that's fine, no judging here, he has kids and stuff.  So anyway, with all that's going on in the world, I am a bit consumed with this new individual floating around my little world here.

He invited me out tonight for a light dinner and drive, because I am new here in Seattle, that would be super.  I of course said, "sure".  Well, as today progressed my panic grew.  I'm not ready to date, just not, no way.  I never knew I wasn't ready to date, how could I know until now.

Oh geeeze, my stomach got all upset and I said to mom, I have to cancel.  She said "why".  I said "Because I'm not ready, I just can't date".  Mom and I talked a little and I sort of gave her the short version of all my issues, but she understood.

See, I can tell "J" and I have good chemistry.  He makes me laugh and he's very good looking, and we seem to be able to have good conversation.  I know in my heart there will come that moment when we could kiss or something and I just can't start that.  I have too many issues related to having gone through all the debulking surgery.  Some issues are body image, not feeling pretty or sexy or whatever.  Some issues are that I literally have all this pain and cramping.  I just don't want anyone else to actually have to deal with that.

I'm not in the same shape I was.  Even though I'm not overweight, I have a lot less muscle tone.  I'm exercising every day but trust me when I say, it ain't what it used to be.  Haven't a clue if I'll ever
get my tone back.

I don't want to be the one to disappoint in the end so I sent him a text saying that I was a bit of a mess and needed to cancel but could we talk.  So he called me and we talked for a bit.

I expected him to totally say that this was too much information, too many problems and good luck.  Instead he became empathetic and caring.  He just said that if "friends" was all I could do right now, that was cool.  He didn't want to have pressure on dating necessarily, but it was up to me.  I was so relieved.

So we are supposed to have a coffee or something on Thursday evening.  I just want to have fun with him for now while I work out my issues.  PLUS, I don't want to get attached to some guy and then have him drop me because I have all these issues.  It's better that we just be friends and get to know one another, and see what happens.

This roller coaster of emotions prompted me to call Gilda's Club.  I have an appointment later this week with a social worker to see if going to a support group would work for me.  I have been in denial that I needed a support group.

I feel safe in my little room, being with mom and just doing the minimum in terms of treatment for now.  I just haven't really gotten on board full scale to heal my heart.  My heart is a mess, and I have no self confidence.

I am close to becoming a nun, no joke.  I have often thought that I should spend the remainder of my life in prayer, that works for me.  I never in a million years thought I'd even have one  more date.  I realize I sound like a teenager here, but it's true.  I mean, I didn't expect to survive, let alone meet a cool guy.

I owe everything to God, and am resolute to doing my best to honor in God in every way.  

There is a plan, and I have no clue what it is.  All I know is that the more I listen to the little voices in my heart, the inklings, the feelings, the better I do.  If I would not have said anything, gone out on a date, knowing that I have no intentions of intimacy for a really long time, that would have been wrong.

So the friends thing is good for now.  I do like him.  

I still need to have my mastectomy.  I mean, there's just too much left unsaid right now.

Well, thanks for listening.  I hope this makes sense to somebody.

I just need to address some emotional issues on a more personal scale, and really handle them.

Love you and Peace

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