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Monday, November 08, 2010

My hands, something different to talk about

Today I went for an evaluation by an Occupational Hand Therapist, to evaluate the need for hand splints.  The scheduler was kind enough to call my insurance company to verify that they pay part of the visit.  I don't think they cover prosthetic/splints though. 

Both wrists have worn away, have little range of motion, and limit my function.  My right (dominant) hand and wrist are worse than the left, more pain, less range and more ulnar deviation.  Ulnar deviation is where your fingers drift towards your pinky.  When this deformity becomes permanent, it's almost impossible to do simple daily tasks, (like buttoning a shirt, hold a glass, cut food). 

She measured me for splints to wear at night.  I told her I was needing to keep the expense down, and she agreed to order pre-fabricated splints as opposed to custom made splints.  We will start with just one splint for the right hand, and then progress to the left hand if all goes well on the right side.  If I ordered them myself , they'd cost around $50.  Let's see what the cost comes out to be once the facility tacks on their fees.

I mention this only because several years ago I was placed on home neck traction therapy due to slipped disc (car accident).  It was ridiculous because I had to spend several thousand dollars in CT scans and MRI, and see a neurosurgeon for them to finally figure out the right treatment.

Good God, I was in so much pain, it made me cry just to wash my hair.  So I did traction 5 times a day for a month.  Since I needed a second traction machine, (so I could use it on breaks at work), I ordered the second one online for $29.99.  The hospital charged me over $200 for the same thing!  I was peeved at the difference in charge to me.

Anyway, it was worth it.  After several months of home traction, my neck pain went away and has not returned.  I saved them in case my neck pain ever returns.

Today I'll take a guess and say that the OT clinic/facility will charge me $300 for the splint.  Let's hope I'm wrong, but I bet I'm not too far off.  I almost asked her if I could order it myself, I wish I would have now.  The OT was super nice and professional, which was a plus for me.

Well, I'm grateful for the opportunity to get an OT eval, so in the end it's all good. 

God Bless and Be Love

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  1. So sorry for your pain, Denise. I hope they can come up with some relief for you.



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