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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

"Wit" starring Emma Thompson

Oh how I wish I would have seen this movie several years ago.  It's about a woman going through the challenges of her life and stage IV ovarian cancer.  It is so well written and Emma's performance is spectacular.  It's hard to watch as someon who has struggled with cancer, but I am a better person for it.

Every woman should watch this movie, and I mean before they get cancer.  It helps one to see how subtle the signs can be yet missing them can be deadly.  Her life experiences come full circle in this emotional drama.

I am so happy to have seen this movie and am even more energized to find some way to be an advocate to improve the awareness of ovarian cancer.  I do not know where I fit yet.

I belong to an online support group for women with ovarian cancer.  The women are amazing angels.  We are all in different stages, some members are longtime survivors, some are caregivers, and some are newly diagnosed.  It's a place where we feel safe talking about sensitive problems and sharing our joys.

I also visited with a member of the Lance Armstrong Survivorship program this past Friday.  We are setting up a plan so I can get my lfe back together.  Everything from getting my hearing tested to setting another appointment with vocational counselors at the U of W.  I think the timing was good, I'm more energetic and feel more "ready" to add more tasks to my daily life.

Still lost as to meaning, but I can't wait for meaning to come to me, I have to find it.

Be Love and God Bless


  1. I've never heard of that movie. Where did you find it? I'm glad you have your online support group- have you checked out Gilda's Club in Seattle? I'm interested in what the Armstrong program can do for you. Keep us posted!


  2. Hi Patty,
    I happened to come across the movie on Netflix. I had never heard of it either, amd wish I would have seen it way back when. The Armstrong foundation is helping me with planning and services to help me get back to a normal life. I really need help with my resume and finding a job soon. I need other medical services like dentistry, etc. They are great at putting the whole package together, so you can see where priorities are. It's still a lot of legwork on my part though, because I still need to individually contact additional resource networks. I'll keep posting on progress with them. Hope you are well and Thanks for reading my blog. God Bless


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