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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

last day of antibiotic

It was such a beautiful day in Seattle!  I was out of the house for the first time in almost a week.  I have been sick with either bronchitis or pheumonia (based on med prescribed).  Either way, I have been coughing up a storm, and flat out wiped out.  My WBCs are low end of normal, so I always get nervous when I get sick.   Thank God I am on the mend.

Unfortunately poor mom is sick too, but getting a little better each day.  I feel really bad for giving her this junk. Hopefully we will have had our share of cold/flu for the fall and winter with this recent confinement.

Missed Halloween with my nieces, such a drag!  They dressed up as the "Ghosts of Laura Ingalls".  I was totally creeped out when I saw their photo, Mandy (sister) did such a great job with their costumes and the girls did just as well with their poses during the photo.  Don't they look great?

I'm getting ready to meet next week with the Livestrong representative at SCCA.  I have filled out a survey, which took over 2 hours to complete.  It was very detailed and asked a lot about my emotions.  I hope they don't toss me in the local psyche ward............ha.

I am constantly worried about recurrence, and something needs to be done about that. 

I just hope to get some good exercise this week, as I feel really floppy and tired.  My antibiotics made it hard to fall asleep, been falling asleep at 4am each day for almost a week now.  That is definitely a problem that I need to make go away.  I've been sleeping past nooooooon each day.  Bad.

Had a bone scan today and the technician goes "have you had any abdominal surgery?"  I gave him my history and then said "why?".  He goes, "well there's something on your exray that looks like a big clip or a bunch of staples, like it was left there intentionally".

I'm fairly sure my gynocology-oncology surgeon in California said that all staples from my debulking/total hysterectomy would melt away.  Huh?  So now I have to ask my current gynoc to look at the image and tell me what the heck it is.  I should be aware of all foreign bodies remaining inside of me..............

You never know what will come from each day.

God Bless and Be Love

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