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Friday, November 05, 2010

My foreign bodies

It was nice today to speak with a surgical nurse about the "metal' in my body today.  Either I didn't hear my surgeon correctly or the subject was glossed over during the surgical consult, way back when.

The nurse said that in a typical total abdominal hysterectomy with optimal debulking, plus my appendix removal, it would not be out of the norm to have "clips" and sutures that will forever take up residence in your abdominal cavity.  She explained that although each patient is different, the basic surgery is the same for most women.  She had not seen my dexa-scan, so she could not comment directly.

So to close the book on this issue, I am going to request an actual copy of the film and radiology report.  Then contact the surgeon's office in California and ask them to explain the remaining clips, etc.  It''s for my own piece of mind, plus I really want to know what is in my body.

Part of me ws hoping that this foreign material might be partly at cause for this ongoing upper abdominal pain.  Then I could inquire about it's removal, but the nurse said that these clips and sutures rarely cause pain or discomfort.

Looking forward to Zenyatta's final race before her retirement.  She runs Sat at 3:15 pm PDT. Wow, lot's of pressure for this beautiful horse.  I love to watch her run because for 1-2 minutes I am only thinking of her.  I totally and completely forget about "me" and my worries.  Thank you God for Zenyatta!

Be Love and God Bless 

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