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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Update on Breast Health

Today I went in for my mammogram and breast ultrasound.  The nurse practitioner had recommended the ultrasound due to her locating some enlarged dense tissue on my right breast.  Well hallalua and thanks Be to God, no lumps or abnormal tissue was detected today.

Because I am BRCA 1 mutation positive, I need to see the NP in three months for a follow up breast exam, just so she can determine if the area changes ins shape or size.


If I must have a mastectomy, I will have one.  But for now, since the monitoring is going well, it is so so nice not to have to be so worried about breast cancer.  I have enough to worry about with ovarian cancer recurrance rate issues.

So thank you all for your prayers.  Thank you God for watching over me and giving me something to smile about. 

Be Love and God Bless!

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