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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Qigong and update

I am really pleased with the Qigong dvd I rented from netflix.  Giam sells this dvd, and I decided that I need to buy it, as an investment in my health.  My internal organs are so screwed up, so touchy, and unpredictable, that I am frozen sometimes unable to leave the house.

Qigong is a series of ancient Chinese postures and movement patterns that help to energize and release your bodies negative energies ( so far as I know).  I have done the exercises a couple of times, and feel more balanced for a bit of time.  It was suggested by one of my OVC sisters to try Qigong, and this seems to be a good fit for me. I am grateful for my OVC sisters.

Had my pelvic CT scan, bloodwork, and breast exam last Thursday.  LONG day.  Reminder, I'm also BRCA1 mutation positive, so I also have 6 month checkups.  Next week I have breast ultrasound and mammogram and also a meeting with my gyno-oncologist.  I've never had anyone give me a breast work-up like that before.  Pulling, poking, stretching, pinching, pushing, gosh.  The good news is she found no "lumps" but did find some abnormal dense tissue on the right wall of my right breast, hence the ultrasound.

I am praying for clear pelvic CT and good CA 125/bloodwork.  I will also be praying for a normal mammogram and ultrasound.

I just set up a future appointment with the state Voc Rehab center.  I need to earn more than $600 per month to get my own place.  So I need to find a part time job that pays fairly well and try to focus on what my future can be. 

For now my mom is so gracious and allows me to stay with her, but she needs her space.  She needs a life, so as long as I am not on chemo, I should be striving for a more independent and meaningful life.

I still sleep 12 hours per day though.  I wish I knew why.  Am I still depressed or is that side effects of all my meds????  Not sure, but I must return to a more reasonable sleep-wake pattern.  Maybe I need help.  I don't know, I just have to try harder to get up earlier.

Wish me luck on all my test results.  Love you all.  Be Love and God Bless YOU 

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