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Wednesday, September 08, 2010

battling with peanuts

On Sunday evening I was happy to have an opportunity to house sit and watch Paul, my sister and her family's kitty.  He's a gem, real bright and fun, it's something I enjoy.

After 7pm mass, I went over to their house and was greeted with tremendous enthusiasm because I had let him out earlier to play.  He was ready for warmth and food.  I settled in and fed him dinner anticipating a fairly relaxing night in.

I was hungry for a tiny snack, so I grabbed a small handful (10 pieces) of Puffin cereal to have with my tea.  I was tired by 11pm, and was probably asleep by 11:30.  At midnight I was awakened with terrible tummy pain and found myself hurling into the trash can.  That, along with other unpleasantries lasted until almost 4am. 

I was dumbfounded because I couldn't figure it out.  Well, in the morning I took another look at the cereal box and it had the words "peanut butter" blasted across the front of the box, and I missed it.  I haven't really been paying attention like I should and now realize I must be an avid label reader.

Today is Wednesday, and I am finally having some oatmeal.  I've had terrible headaches, down to 104 lbs, waist now 28.5.  Mom's at the store and offered to get some chicken noodle soup.

The nurse at the SCCA said it can take a full week for your digestive tract to get back to normal after server episodes of vomiting and diahrea, because they stay slightly inflamed for a while.  So I am slowly integrating food and rehydrating. 

This totally blew my little holiday weekend.  I had wanted to stick around to see how Mandy's trip was at Ocean Shores.  Haven't had a chance to talk to her.  Today was the first day back to school for my nieces, so hopefully I'll get to learn how their day went later.

Anyway, Paul was so sweet, and napped with me the whole time, which helped me feel better.

To better days.

Be Love

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  1. I'm so glad you are not puking as I have been. I can't believe how our stories some how mirror each others. I too got diagnosed way too late; I did survive and continue to survive much longer than expected. Lots of warms hugs to you from one survivor to another!


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