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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

First day of OVC Awareness Month

Have spent most of the day online responding to women asking for help on the "inspire" blog sponsored by the National Ovarian Cancer Alliance.

I am going to daily/regular measurements my waist just under my rib.  Today I am at 30" (35-30-35) to be exact.  I want to monitor for fluid retention, because I STILL have ongoing abdominal pain.  Because I don't know if the pain is scar tissue, digestive, missing omentum, or tumor, I want to do all I can to track my progress.  Tomorrow I see a dermatologist for skin screening.

Michael Douglas was diagnosed with "throat" cancer, stage IV, just a few weeks ago.  He also suffered through physician incompetence, missing the cancer in it's early stages while most likely to heal.  I feel bad for him and his family, and my prayers go out to them.  This is his first week of chemo and radiation, and seeming well on David Letterman, the general public has no idea how much he will suffer.  Chemo and radiation get more and more toxic with each dose.  I pray God stays with him and gives him the strength to tolerate the treatment regimine, to rid him of his cancer.  God Bless Micheal Douglas and his family.

Be Love

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