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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Update from Oncologist

I met with Dr. Gray today, what a joy.  She shared good news, and I am relieved.  I am still NED and my CA125 is now 10. She said the CT scan showed no new tumors and looked good, so I am relieved.  Recurrence is my biggest fear.

I talked with her about my lingering issues with abdominal pain, fatigue, nystagmus, vomiting etc.  She reinforced that the body can take up to a year to heal from the chemotherapy and surgery.  But overall, I am improving.  I see the Oncologist again in three months.

I need to watch my food intake probably forever, being careful with fiber.  Haven't decided on an allergy test yet, but will just avoid peanuts for now at all costs.

This good news frees my mind and helps me to be more hopeful for the future.  I meet with Dept of Vocational Rehabilitation in a few weeks and need to see if I qualify for any of their services.  I can earn some money in addition to the small disability income I currently receive.  If it is at all possible, my dream would be to have a part time job that is homebased, in advocacy or some form of computer work that has a mild training program.

So off I go to the next step while I continue to rebuild my strength, endurance and digestive health.  Thank you God for blessing me with my mom, sister,brother-in-law, brother, aunts, and uncles who have been so supportive.  Thank you God for giving me friends who have offered laughs, kind words and support from day one.  Thank you God for blessing me with an amazing health team here in Seattle.  God Bless everyone who has touched my life.

Be Love

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