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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Emergency room AGAIN

On Friday I had to go to the emergency room again!  What is going on with me???????????????  I wonder if I am under a tremendous amount of stress or am I developing a new problem? 

I started Friday with an appointment to see the cornea specialist.  I had to take a shuttle from University of Washington to downtown Seattle, it was raining.  Well, the specialist said my eyes were a little better and that the ulcers in my eyes were smaller.  He said that the PUK was a definite result of RA and that we needed a better medication for RA.  He started to tell me that I may need an infusion of more chemo drugs ( I can't remember the name) and methotrexate ( another chemo drug).  I feel like I am reeling, but OK.  I don't want to lose my eyesight and need my arthritis to be under control.

So I take the shuttle back to U of W for my RA appointment at 3:30, and it's raining and cold.  But, I felt fine, just fine.  I arrived just in time to check in and got to rest for a few minutes while waiting for the doctor.  I got to enjoy watching a new mom play with her baby, which was relaxing.  Had time to think about all that I am grateful for.  I really did make a valid effort to lower my stress and be "positive'.

My rheumatologist said that she was mildly concerned about me having vasculitis, was worried about  the PUK, and that the only measured successful treatments for PUK have been with methotrexate.  I told her that I did not tolerate methotrexate in the past, that it made me very nauseous and "toxic".  I told her I'd give it a try.  I asked her to go over the side effects with me (hair loss, nausea, weakness, liver damage).  GREAT, just what I need.  The last thing I want is more chemo when I had a complete response to chemo for Ovarian Cancer.  I am so so bummed.

She gave me three lab slips, said I needed a chest X-ray, needed tested for HIV and will need prophylactic treatments to prevent a specific type of pneumonia as well.  Grand.  On my way out I told her I felt a little nauseous.  Within 15 minutes I was violently ill with vomiting, diarrhea and severe abdominal pain.  The exact same thing I had last Friday and two other times before.

I eventually got admitted to the Emergency Room.  They took a gazillion viles of blood, did two chest and one abdominal x-ray, and pushed fluids.  They gave me Zofran and a few other drugs via the IV, but not until after the X-rays.  I lost a lot of fluids and was so so so so so so sick.  I was shaking like a leaf with chills from being dehydrated.  My lovely sister came and stayed with me until I was discharged around 2am.

During that time, my blood pressure kept dropping and the ER doc got nervous.  The gynecology oncology doctor "gynoc" on-call came to visit me in order to evaluate if I should be admitted.  The ER doc wanted me admitted but said it was up to the "gynoc". The "gynoc" was very thorough in his assessment.  He asked me everything about my Ovarian Cancer and Rheumatoid Arthritis history.  Unfortunately he could not justify admission, so he ordered some anti-nausea suppositories in case this episode happens again, and said we need to keep tracking this situation.  He said that he closely examined the X-rays and found no blockages or bleeds, nothing requiring surgery. 

So today I sit here nervous about having another episode, and wonder if I am too stressed to handle my current condition.  I wonder if I am unknowingly developing an aversion to certain foods.  I hate not knowing what is causing the vomiting.  I'm afraid to eat and just pray it doesn't happen again.

Next week I have two infusions to enhance my iron levels.  I look forward to that.  My sister and I agreed that I should not have multiple MD appointments on the same day, especially if they are at multiple locations.  I just can't handle all the activity. I love my sister so much for coming to the ER, so sweeeeeeeet.  I have such a supportive family.

I hope tomorrow is a better day.

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