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Tuesday, May 04, 2010

My immune system update

Well, at the risk of boring you, I'm neutropenic again, per my primary care doctor. The neulasta has worn off.  In my current condition I must go to the emergency room if I get a fever because my immune system is severly compromised.

I see the hematologist at the end of May.

Now I have to return to living my life "carefully" and be mindful of my exposure to germs, avoid crowds, and do everything I can to boost my immune system.  I'm tired all the time, but not sure how much of this fatigue is post-chemo versus immune suppressed depletion.

I am making a huge effort not to be so self-centered on my health, and it's not so easy when simple things become hard.  My arthritis is getting a little worse.  The weeding did make my hands swell, but I wanted to enjoy nature.  I want to be active, be strong, live life fully. 

Now that I can focus on details a bit better, my post-chemo experiences are much richer.  If you ever know of anyone else who is in the throws of chemo, be patient. 

The fog of chemo makes it so difficult to communicate and participate in activities.  I was listening to a recording of a woman's state of mind while she was undergoing chemo for breast cancer.  She said that she was happy to just stare at the ceiling, no energy for movies or even TV.  I thought, "I can relate".

Anyway, it's still a good day.  My new hematologist seems intelligent, very curious and wants to solve my immunity dilemna.  Hopefully my insurance will approve GSF shots to boost my immune system (won't be cheap).  Hopefully we can find out "why".

In the mean time I am going to get my dictionary out, find the word "normal" and cross out the definition.  I'll then proceed to write "not applicable to Denise Archuleta".  HA!

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