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Monday, August 31, 2009


Today is a day for thanks. Thank you Judy for giving me Holy Communion, and Loretta at Holy Trinity for helping me with future needs. Thank you Barb for getting me a few groceries. Thank you to the nurse who politely walked me through a bunch of questions, even though I was nervous and upset. Thank you Dr. Javeed and Dr. Lieserowitz for agreeing to start modified chemo sometime next week. Thank you Craig for taking me to the doctor this Thursday. Thank you Judy and Mike for getting me to and from my doctor this Wednesday. Thank you Mom and Mandy for listening and for making preparations for me to go to Seattle. Thank you Mandy for all your hard work trying to get insurance. Thank you Arnie for coming out here in a few weeks to drive my car. Thank you Dad for your thoughts and prayers. Thank you Aunt Deb, Uncle Rich, Uncle Don, Aunt Kathy, Shaun Allen, Aunt Bern, Courtney, Tammy, Marina, Jennifer, Uncle Bud and Linda Lou, and all my family and friends who call or send a note. Even T-Mobile gave me a better plan at a cheaper price. But most importantly, I thank God for his grace.

Today was a day with a lot of physical pain, but I got through it. But today's pain was nothing compared to the total devastation felt by families in Auburn, CA.

Auburn is in the foothills, about 30 miles away. 60 homes and businesses were burned to the ground by a fast moving wild fire Sunday Afternoon. In a flash, those poor people literally lost everything. It was shocking to see parents crying and little kids with no shoes because there was not enough time to grab them. Thankfully nobody was killed.

I have so much to be grateful for and I have been reminded to see it. I thank God for taking care of my loved ones. I am so lucky.

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