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Friday, August 28, 2009

good news for a change

Well I first have to say I am blessed because I reconnected with a dear old friend Rebecca on Facebook, and I am eager to learn more about how her life has grown. I knew her in Denver and it is so wonderful to find her again. Plus, Tammy (cousin) has linked my blog to her blog, to help me let others know that my story is one of thousands for women who are either knowingly or unknowingly suffering from Ovarian Cancer. Unfortunately, "unknowingly" is more likely the case.

My surgeon, Dr. Leiserowitz, my angel, called me this morning to provide a modified chemo treatment plan until my Seattle move and insurance problem can be resolved. He is willing to recommend doing smaller doses weekly just through an IV, as opposed to three chemo drugs through IV and abdominal port in large doses every three weeks. He said I can manage myself and partially address the remaining cancer without placing me in a situation where I would be unable to care for myself. He said that he understood my social situation and agreed that it would be best to be with my family. So a modified chemo treatment a great solution for the interim. I must wait to start after my bone marrow test next week, but he said not to wait for the results, just get started. Because my low white blood cell count could interfere with tolerating chemo anyway, it kind of works better to start with a smaller dose anyway.

I asked him about doing a mammogram and he also agreed to that, while I'm covered. I feel bad because I have been literally bugging his staff to get answers and just was getting nowhere. Dr. "L" taking the time to call me and literally spend 15 minutes or more with me, allowing me to interrupt with little questions and comments, tells me that he really is a God send. He elaborated and supported the logic behind this modified solution, caring that my situation was just a terrible drain on me and my family. I love Dr. "L". He asked me if I wanted him to call Dr. Javeed, and I said "yes, please, thank you". So now I feel like I will not be neglecting my cancer while we get me to Seattle. I will only heal well in Seattle and need to be there.

Once in Seattle, they could increase the dose and add immune supporting medications so that I can receive more aggressive chemotherapy, and have the people near me who can love me while I am reeling and healing.

I spoke yesterday with an Ovarian Cancer survivor named "Debbie". I connected to the Share network and she called me from New York. She had Surgery and chemo three years ago, diagnosed with Stage III C Ovarian Cancer, and has not had a re-occurence. Her only symptom was constipation and luckily, her doctor was smart and did a pelvic CT scan.

I'd like to take moments periodically to detail individual symptoms of OC, because again "constipation" usually tells people they need to change their diet, exercise more, get fiber, etc. So, her very intuitive and intelligent doctor thought about other organs aside from just the intestinal tract. We as women, need to accept the fact that our doctors can be and are probably completely idiotic when it comes to OC. I had digestive problems that generated a colonoscopy.

If they would have just "looked" with a different eye and a wider sense of potential causes, maybe I would have ONLY needed surgery. I had abdominal pain, low back pain and intestinal issues for over two years. And, I was told I was too young for Ovarian Cancer.

So if you are a woman who is trying to lose weight, your lower abdomen seems incapable of shrinking, not responding to diet, cardio, and core workouts, and if you have digestive issues, and have looked over the other symptoms of OC (bloating, low back pain, frequency to urinate, fatigue, irregular periods) etc..................................Do not keep trying to treat it with diet, fiber etc. Talk to your gynecologist, be more directed. If they do a CT scan and it's negative, YEAH!!! But if it's positive, you have just been the first person to save your own life.

Ovarian Cancer is literally hidden. We cannot see or feel our own ovaries. My PCP even said "you probably have a small cyst, it will take care of itself on it's own". That was said to me about a year and a half ago. I had other symptoms and still my doctor did not have a clue.

Again, just pay attention to your body and if your gynecologist blows you off and marginalizes your symptoms, get another one if at all humanly possible. It could save your life.

To my family and angels I send my love. To God, thank you for being on our wings. I am so grateful to be finding new light every day.


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