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Monday, August 17, 2009

better bit by bit

When will universal healthcare be approved? When will individuals be valued equally? If we had universal healthcare, I would already be arranging for help to pack my belongings. I would already have a new doctor in Seattle. I would be preparing to spend time with my family and relishing in the opportunity. Instead, I'm wondering if I will be able to make my meals and wondering how or if I'll ever be able to have chemo or biologics because nobody is in the area to take care of me. I can't go through chemo alone. I feel so alone.

Well, I am up from resting because it completely wore me out just to go to the lab. I was in so much pain that I had to lay down on the bench in the lobby while I was waiting for my aunt to return. She was so sweet to go to the health food store for me. I guess each day will work itself out. The nurse came around 1pm and then we went to the lab. By the time we returned around 3:15, my pain was almost 10/10.

This is what it's like day to day. Everything hurts, but just a little less. I would not have been able to do all that last week, so I am slowly progressing.

When my aunt leaves on Thursday, I will have a few friends who can stop by for little things, but I need to be on my own. I hope I get there.

I'm hoping that some sort of miracle will happen and that my oncologist will be able to convince my insurance company to pay for chemo in Seattle. It's the best option and the right thing to do. Does anyone know how we can convince WHA to approve treatments in Seattle??????

If you are reading this, remember to tell all the females in your life to learn the symptoms of ovarian cancer, take them seriously, and pay attention to their bodies. Some of the symptoms are embarassing, and it's likely that thousands of women are walking around right now with undetected ovarian cancer because they are too embarassed to tell their symptoms to their doctors. Your life is worth more than a little embarassment.

Time to go back to bed, just wanted to say hello. I love God and my family and friends. Be good to yourself.


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