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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Salute to Senator Ted Kennedy

Today we lost an amazing human being capable of giving beyond what any human should do. Senator Kennedy cared so much for others and he is gone before he could see his dream become a reality. We need to continue the fight so that all people can have access to affordable quality healthcare, no matter where they live or where they need to go for treatment.

The irony for me is that his office was on my list to call today, literally. I jotted his name down yesterday and said to myself "Senator Kennedy is on my side, maybe his office will help". What a tragedy for those of us who believe healthcare is a right to all living beings. I am so very sad that our hero for the rights of the disabled, disadvantaged, and oppressed, is gone. He is in a better place and I hope that God will help us find someone who can carry the torch.

Mr. Kennedy, I love you and you are a savior to many of us who have been confronted with challenges beyond our control. You spoke for me and I will miss you.


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