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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Cre'me Brulee

Well, per doctors orders, I am eating less fiber.  So instead of a nice soup or salmon with veggies, I had Cre'me Brulee for lunch with peppermint tea.  My mom and I went to a local little lunchhouse called "The Barking Dog".  It's actually within walking distance.  Met a nice older guy named John who chatted with us a bit.  Mom had halibut and salad, with some white wine (gosh I wish I could have alcohol at least once). 

Lunch was grand, and after the lorazepam, queasy pop and extra omeprazole, I think I was OK to eat.  Life is fun.

It was nice to chat with mom about this and that, watching people walk their dogs, talk about things other than our illnesses and worries.  It was a good day.  Thank you God.

Be Love

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  1. How about juicing? Fresh organic fruits and veggies without the bulk? Watermelon juice is wonderful, and it's amazing how much of it is actually-water.

    BTW, love your blog.



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