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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

back to chemo side effects

I was really hoping to blog about my dreams, but I'm dealing with another episode of vomiting.  Last night (Monday) I got very sick AGAIN!  I had accidently eaten a chips ahoy cookie with peanut butter, and a few hours later, goodbye dinner.  I know...gross.  But this is really getting me down.  This is the dialogue of my life..............................................................I'd rather be talking about dancing or the latest movie I saw, or a trip to the beach or whatever.

The SCCA oncology nurse called me this morning (they are so good) and I told her about last Thursday and last night.  Good news is that she said I eat a very healthy diet, good fiber and nutrition.  Bad news is that if this is intermittent bowel blockages, I will need to eat less fiber and more processed foods........I'm confewzed!  Processed foods can increase cancer risk...........I don't want to change my diet.  I will follow her orders for now, just to see if it makes a difference.

So my instructions are to tone down the fiber, drink lots of fluids, and wait for my upcoming CT scan.  She wasn't keen on my problem being a peanut allergy, and I think it is.  But who the hecka knows.

All I do know is that for the rest of my life I may be dealing with abrupt episodes of vomiting, and how will I live any normal kind of life in that condition????

It makes me afraid to leave the house or plan a trip or go on a plane or long drive or crowded event or anything.  I really need to reach out and find out if this is a common problem.

The SCCA nurse said that this blockage problem is a side effect of chemo, and that I will need to meet again with a nutritionist and be instructed on how to cope with this problem long term.  I read that as "there's no cure" and I'm bummed. 

I know I will get better at coping with this.  I have a sweet niece who has migrains (she's 10) and she always has vomiting episodes when she has a migrain.  If she can handle it, I can handle it. 

So my plan today is to see how I feel, and hopefully I will be able to take a walk later in the day.  We will only have two warm Seattle days this week, the rest of the time the temperature will be in the 60's.  Yuck.

So, it's beautiful and I am going to do everything I can to enjoy fresh air, blue sky, the chance to just be here and exist in peace.  I am glad that I don't Have to be anywhere today other than to go get a prescription. 

These episodes wear me out a bit.  I plan to rest most of the day, say some prayers, and count my blessings.

Be Love.

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  1. I read in findrxonline that these effects are very normal and you should continue your treatment to fulfill your diet recommended by your doctor.


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