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Friday, August 27, 2010

neulasta for life

Had a great visit with my hematologist yesterday at the cancer center.  He asked me an odd question "doesn't coming here give you anxiety?".  He was telling me that most patients don't like to return to the cancer center after they have finished their chemo.  I told him that the cancer center feels like home to me, they saved my life.  I can understand why patients would not want to be reminded of their pain.

I want them to know that they helped me, I want them to see me smiling with gratitude.  I want them to know that they matter.

I will have to take neulasta shots for the rest of my life.  Drag.  After two months of weekly lab tests, there is no cyclic neutropenia, no lymphoma (Thank God), and no solution other than neulasta.  Neulasta costs $7K per injection.  Fun.

Anyway, I can't avoid it, because my WBC/neutrophils get so low that my life is threatened because of possible infections.  My doctor said he may try to help me with the cost by doing what he can to negotiate with the powers that be and see if I can get a cost break.  

I am very grateful to him for his efforts.  I had been dealing with low counts for years, with multiple hematologists literally stupified by my situation, and now I have an answer.

My JRA has beaten my immune system to a pulp and my bone marrow no longer wants to produce neutrophils.  Maybe I would be a transplant candidate.......forgot to ask about that. 

Anyway, so I have a lot of bone pain today (side effect of neulasta), but I'm protected for a few weeks.  Yay!  

On a side note, I'm making friends with the local neighborhood cats.  All the neighbors have indoor/outdoor cats.  They are coming around and I get to play with them.  I love that!  Just love it.

Be Love

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