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Saturday, August 07, 2010

sleeping in

I slept until 1pm today.  Not sure why, I guess I needed the rest.  I went to bed at 11pm, and fell asleep quite readily after reading some of the Bible.  I have gotten behind on my reading, bogged down a bit with worries.  I'm not supposed to worry as my life is truly in God's hands.

I received a letter from Dr. G saying she is comfortable with returning to work in October, pending progress with arthritis.  That made me feel a little more at ease, as I'm really not ready, but getting there.

Every day I work on building up my strength and endurance, so that I can actually do meaningful work.  I still don't know though what it will be.  I didn't call the "Ticket to Work" organization yet, I need to do that next week.  I am procrastinating.  I feel totally stuck.  I think it's because I really just want to be involved in advocacy or have my own little business.   Lord help me figure this out.

Lord please also help my mom.  She has nausea all the time.  Our summers here in Seattle are short.  She is missing the moment.  I love her so.  I love my family. 

Tomorrow I get to enjoy the Blue Angels show with Mandy, Patrick, Laria and Addie.  Hopefully mom will be able to go.  It will be so so nice to laugh and smile, in spite of the rain.

Be Love,

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