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Sunday, August 22, 2010

vivid dreams about Ewan McGregor

Don't ask me why, but I had a very very odd and intense dream last night about Ewan McGregor.  He told me that he has cancer, stage IV.  It was the weirdest thing and I pray to God that it is not true.  I was part of a group of people who were playing a game.  The game was like a play, a musical, but also like a sport.  Sort of like being a dramatist, mime slash musician slash dancer competing to win "something" in a time similar to "waterworld".  We were competing as a pair, and he started crying, held me and said he had cancer.  He started shaking his head side to side in denial and it was awful.  I wanted to comfort him and take his pain away.  This went on and on in my head in loops of variations of the same message, over and over.  Why Ewan McGregor and why cancer?

I got violently ill again Thursday evening, and today I still feel nausea and fatigue, but am grateful the episode is over.  I have been housesitting, taking care of kitty, garden, mail etc.  It's all I can do right now to get ready to go back home. 

Maybe the dream is a result of the extra Lorazapam I had to take for my nausea.

The thing is I have always adored Ewan McGregor.  He's a doll, and such a wonderful actor. 

I have been having vivid dreams all week.  Maybe I'll start putting them in my blog and see what happens.  My family is pushing me to get my life together and "get a job" etc.  Well, I am trying here.

Who is going to hire someone who may or may not be able to show up from day to day.  I pray to God for a work from home purpose.  I pray that it comes, and I will seek that form of income.  I can't afford to live in Seattle on disability.  It won't work..........things will be OK.

In the mean time, my dreams may be a way to sort out my frustrations and worries, so let's see what happens tonight.

Be Love.

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