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Thursday, January 28, 2010

coping with more pain

I am still having abdominal pain from my surgery in July of 2009. Today is a bad day. I have been battling nausea all weak, along with fatigue. I am the queen of couch potatoes. I just don't want to do anything.

I go again for chemo tomorrow, scheduled to receive Taxol. I have to admit I am weary of the chemo and pain. I am tired of micro-managing my diet and not being able to eat certain foods. The thing is though that my mom suffers more. Her diabetes is so fragile, yesterday all she could eat was a bowl of soup because her blood sugar levels stayed high. This is despite her giving herself more insulin. I feel like she is starving sometimes and it pains me to see her suffer.

It doesn't help that seemingly every TV show, commercial and event is centered around food. Food is an obsession in this country. In Haiti, people are becoming so weak from lack of food that they are not able to carry their own bags of rice and beans. Juxtaposed against the horrific scenes unfolding on the island are fast food bargains, restaurant commercials, and grocery advertisements. Pizza commercials reign.

I pray every day for the people in Haiti, I pray for my mom to be able to just eat like a normal person and have a meal. I pray my sister can do the same. I just want my pain to go away. I am tired.

My chemo will start wrapping up towards the end of February, and that will make a grand total of about 6 months of self poisoning to rid myself of any traces of ovarian cancer. I am still searching for my calling and praying for those that I love to be safe, healthy and happy. We all deserve a life fulfilled. We need to contribute. We need to be needed, that is our nature.


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