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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Inspired by the people of Haiti

Today I am thinking about the horrific plight of the survivors in Haiti. Consumed with their struggle and the struggle of their saviors. Frustrated by the inherent beaurocracy that comes along with large organizations spending too much time planning and assessing and not enough time doing. I know that they are doing as best they can, but when I heard yesterday that yet two more planes from Doctors Without Borders had been diverted or refused access to the airport in Port-au-Prince, I felt so so sad. Reporters are stepping in to hold officials accountable, but there really is no responsible body of government. The Haitian government is incapable and needs help to operate. I pray all day that the supply lines are freed and that effective distribution and delivery of aid and medical help becomes a reality to help the people of Haiti. We have a long way to go.

So as I get up and manage each day, dealing with the anxiety of my upcoming hospitalization, I am inspired to be better, do better, live better and cope. The people of Haiti are only surviving because of their sheer will and faith in God. We hear them singing prayer songs in the background as newscasters try to somehow paint a picture of the horror on the ground. Their songs give me hope. May we all continue to pray for the people of Haiti. They are going to need our prayers for a long time to come. To the people of Haiti, I love you.

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