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Friday, February 12, 2010

Almost done

I need to thank Mandy again for being so helpful in being with me during chemo. I want to thank my mom also for always being there to help my needs at home. I have been depressed.

Next Thursday I go for my final scheduled chemo. I see my oncologist in March and in March I will be able to ask my oncologist about my status and follow-up care. I am so lost as to my calling and can only pray that I will find a home doing something good for others.

My goal for now is to finish chemo and get my digestive health in order. Last time around I almost wound up with a bowel obstruction and am absolutely paranoid of the whole thing. It is a battle. I used to be all well in that department. The nurses say that the chemo negatively affects your digestive health, so hopefully in a few weeks I can get a better handle on it.

In the mean time I am fighting my depression and trying to get prepared for the next battle. I love my sister so much and we will fight this together.


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