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Thursday, January 14, 2010

We cry for Haiti

A few days ago I had planned on filling you in on my progress, then the devastating quake hit Haiti. If you are like me, you have been glued to the internet or television, praying for relief to the poor people of Haiti. It is surreal, heartbreaking, overwehlming, tragic. We are helpless save for a small donation to the red cross or other charitable organization.

What is more tragic is the realization for our saviors that the harbor is damaged, and the airport can only manage minimal air traffic. We need thousands of small boats to rush to shore with doctors, rescue teams, food, water, medicine and shelter supplies now. Distributing aid is a logistical nightmare and our best seems incapacitated to do anything. Haiti's President is homeless, has no post from which to command and the United Nations building is collapsed. Nobody is really in charge. The people are crying, screaming, suffering, bleeding and dying as I write. All nations need access to help the Haitian people, this is no time for politics or restrictions.

I saw on CNN how one doctor flew small plane to Haiti, rescued several people, provided immediate medical aid and flew them back to Miami. One doctor! Amazing. I know that some rescue efforts have started, supplies are arriving, and possibly hundreds or thousands of people are "on deck" to go to Haiti, but are being tangled in the beaucracy of managing the damaged points of entry created by the quake. Is there a way to launch hundreds or thousands of smaller boats that encroach upon the beaches to deliver the doctors, rescuers and much needed supplies now?

I am already probably clinically depressed and simply watching the coverage of the quake is probably not good for me but this is what is actually happening with me. I see the horror and feel eternally grateful for my loved ones, my meals, my shower, my clothers, my bed, my toothbrush, my medication, my doctors, my friends, my shelter, my drink. I feel so grateful and yet again am so so challenged to find a way to be a positive value to the world.

I struggle with manipulative insurance agents, criminal ex-landlords, fatigue beyond measure, depression, fighting with the psychiatric intern and all of these struggles are so so trivial in comparison to the plight of the people in Haiti.

Today I vow to be a little happier and more appreciative and pray that I can find my calling so that my life will not be useless to others. In the mean time, like you, I will be anxiously watching the news as the tragedy unfolds and praying somehow we are able to provide real relief literally in minutes, hours and days. There is no more time. They are dying. God Help Us All and reach down to the Haitians and their rescuers to lift them on your wings to safety.


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