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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Eyes Have It

I was riding on top of the double decker bus, the night sky was void of stars and moon.  I had been standing on my seat when the driver took a sharp turn. I was jolted back into my seat just as a bright flash shot like lightening across the sky.  

When we pulled into the camp we were met with women and children running and screaming.  Something had crashed into the stadium fields just down the road.

I was escorted off the bus to the main lodge where I took my post as hostess.  

During this dream I am asked to decorate the main lounge with a stuffed Christmas Tree.  Wierd. I see my mom's father and he is assigned to find out what has crashed in the stadium.  He smiles gently, gives me a hug, grabs my hand then slowly fades into the background. I love you Grandpa!

Next I find myself kneeling next to another very dear relative who has been brought inside for cover.  She is out of breath, restless but somewhat elated.  I am nervous because I do not know what to do.   One of the workers assures me that I am the right person to help because she trusts me.

I am terrified because she has two irises in each eye.  She says she can see me clearly.  She repeats over and over, "I stopped the medication and everything is clear now".  She just smiles and smiles, looking wondrous and happy.

Her eyes haunt me right now.  I want to know what that means...... two irises in each eye.  

Then I wake up.  It is just after noon.  I am supposed to get my Avastin at 1:00 pm.  Late again.  Thankfully they will take me later on.   I have had the worst time with being so deep in sleep/nightmares, not able to wake up.


So to lighten the mood I am sharing a video from my friend Joe Hendricks.  He is an expert hiker. He brings us to a peaceful place apart from daily troubles.

I encourage you to visit his You Tube site.  Joe lost his sweet Heidi to breast cancer.  He is a true inspiration for me.  Thank you Joe for bringing joy.

I am home from a treatment, relaxing here with my kit kat Marilyn. Counting my blessings and praying for those in harms way.

VIDEO LINK: A Hike With Joe

Peace and Blessings to all

aka #servivorgirl


  1. Denise, I used to never dream and never had a nightmare until I lost Barbara. Now I do often, but thankfully most of them are just pleasant dreams - only rarely is it a nightmare. I feel for you and I hope you only have pleasant dreams now. Sleep peacefully.

  2. Dear Anonymous,

    Thank you for your thoughtful encouragement. Barbara must have been an amazing woman........peace to you. xoxox


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