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Friday, June 13, 2014

More Research for BRCA Mutation Carriers

The latest research released by Penn Medicine further supports that much consideration needs to be done when contemplating risk reducing surgery to prevent ovarian cancer.  This information is geared towards women who have a mutation of BRCA1 or BRCA2. All women can benefit from these studies.

I am linking this article along with another article involving the relationship between the fallopian tube and ovarian cancer as well. The two articles provide an interesting perspective on how preventative surgery may be managed.  There is strong hope that removing only the fallopian tubes instead of ovaries AND fallopian tubes may be adequate protection from ovarian cancer.

In my personal opinion, had I known about my BRCA1 mutation at a younger age, and if we had this research available at that time, I may have considered just removing just my fallopian tubes in order to reduce the risk of ovarian cancer.  The premature removal of our ovaries causes dramatic changes and if we can help to avert ovarian cancer with fewer negative side effects, more women would agree to undergo risk reducing surgery.

It is exciting to see that researchers are discovering more options to help prevent ovarian cancer.

Here is a link to a proof of concept study at MD Anderson on using salpingectomy with delayed oophorectomy:

If you are positive for one of the mutations, and have not had risk reducing surgery, please review these articles. They are meaty, but worth your time.

Thank you to my cousin for sending me this very important information from Penn Medicine!

Peace and Blessings!

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