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Tuesday, October 08, 2013

What the Tea Party Can Do With......

WARNING....foul language.  I NEVER write like this, but the madness must stop!  End the government shutdown now!  Official rant!

I am so exhausted and I cannot fall asleep.  I cannot understand why the stinking tea party thinks they rule the wold. We are maxed out guys....time to stop messing with our lives here.

Try at age 15 getting debilitating rheumatoid arthritis.  Garner all the go getem spirit you can, then lose your career anyway to arthritis.  Go without health insurance for 10 years, learn sales, try to start a company, fail...all the republican go get um things they say to hard play hard.....burn the midnight oil......and still not make it.    Then be ridiculed for not making that's the best ever.

Finally get a stable job with a great company, maintain it and have health insurance because of the job, and get deadly ovarian cancer. which by the way haunts me all the time.

I have paid into the system.  I am not a drag on society....And I don't earn my keep on the backs of others either.

I spend my life much time with family as I can since all I care about is family, my kitty, and the vacation in savings or 401K to cash in.   hmmmmm,...anyway.....all while still on chemo.  You tea party people are cowards.  Battle the Affordable Care Act on it's own terms, stop holding innocent people hostage. You are like the guy who puts his kids in front of him when his malice is being called out.  

Republicans say I made my bed, so I must lay in matter how hard I worked....close only counts in horse shoes.   At the end of the least we should be able to agree that human beings deserve good affordable health care in the United States Of America!  

We have running water, electricity and the best pool of potential healthcare professionals in the world.

John Boehner can jam a cancer stick up his ass and light it for all I care.....not really,  any stick will do!

If I would of at least had healthcare those 10 years, maybe my arthritis would have faired better and I could have gotten regular checkups.  That would have gone a long way to maintaining better work as opposed to sales work.  Sales is not for me.    A sales rat tried to take advantage of my mom not too long ago.....

Why does the tea party want to hurt people with illness or who have disabilities?  

The Tea party is over, the flavor is gone.....lights out.  Time to end your drunken madness and sleep on it.  Maybe you will regain some compassion in the morning.

You guys are actually hurting people, stop it!  Government workers are putting their lives on the line and not getting paid like you are....they have to wait.  Enjoy your steak while they suffer. Enjoy your wine while moms in the WIC program cry at night because their babies have no formula.


  1. The babies do have formula
    While the U.S. Department of Agriculture has reallocated funding to cover WIC program costs for the rest of October, the threat of funding interruptions highlights another available resource: less expensive but equally nutritious Store Brand Infant Formulas sold at leading retail, grocery, and drug stores such as Walmart, Target, Kroger, Sam's Club, and CVS.


  2. I added a link about how the shutdown effects children. Veteran's Death Benefits should be resolved tomorrow. Time to stop holding kids hostage, time for an up and down vote. The law is passed, has been passed and can be revised with due process if needed. People are enrolling. Time

  3. The House has passed legislation that would provide veterans disability, pension and other benefits in the event of a prolonged shutdown. But the White House has urged lawmakers not to take a piecemeal approach to continuing government services.$6b-in-vets-disability-pension-pay/
    Senators Cruz and Reid on Senate floor this morning.
    So far, passing VA benefits in the Senate is not looking good. Cruz for it, Reid against it.
    The ACA has passed and people are enrolling – a good thing. In my state of IL, more people will be eligible for Medicaid.
    Have a wonderful day, Denise. You are such a caring person and thanks for this very informative blog.



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