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Monday, October 07, 2013

"Parenthood" Season 4 : Kristina's Cancer And Other Important Stuff

Just on a side note, I love the Braverman family.  We all need our escape from reality and watching the show "Parenthood" is one of my favorite distractions.

I have been extremely tired, it just gets worse and worse.  When I am not working or with mom I turn on my Roku and catch up on old seasons of my favorite shows.  I need the distraction and who can resist the show "Parenthood".

Season 4 has Kristina Braverman battling breast cancer. For television, I think that they did a fair take on cancer.  It is not a real life documentary.  It did a good job, touched enough on important events and issues related to treatment, fears, complications of treatment and also how family adapts to these challenges.

I was glued to the tv.

Granted, this tv family is whole.  Kristina is not single and wants for nothing.  Those of us with cancer or any serious illness have a harder road if we are single.   

That being said, if you haven't watched season 4, please do so.   I really took advantage of the ability to remotely share with the character, and cry a little.  If you are a caregiver or friend of someone with cancer or any life changing, chronic illness, it can improve your empathy.

I never promote tv shows.  Not my style.  It was nice to have the marathon escape.  Chemo again on Tuesday......thank you God for the medical care.

The little joys in life.....


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