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Thursday, October 03, 2013

The Affordable Care Act: A Few Resources

I have seen a lot of mis-information in the news about fears for cancer patients and the Affordable Care Act.  Tea Party Republicans are holding the government hostage because they don't want people to be empowered with health and vitality, in my opinion.  It is historic and tragic.  I have always believed healthcare is a right.

I remember when I graduated from college and was shocked to learn that my health insurance was tied to my employer.  I have had rheumatoid arthritis since age 15.  When I lost that well paid career due to RA years later, I had no health insurance. That lasted for about 10 years.  Thank God I had good insurance to help pay for the optimal debulking surgery that diagnosed my cancer.  Had I not had insurance, I would have died.

We needed The Affordable Care Act years ago and it's time has come.  

The document is over 900 pages long.  It is understandable that people and agencies are overwhelmed.  Some of my ovarian sisters are scared about some of the outcome based strategies written into the new law that are designed to improve quality of care.  I think some doctors are also not sure what this will mean for some patients.  Some bad employers have  prematurely dropped spousal coverage as of October and these poor people are not able to be covered until January of 2014.

I myself need to shop for a new plan because my insurance decided to cut off my provider.  I want my doctor, I want my treatment team and facility so I will shop till I drop to keep them.

The big picture though is that millions of good people will have the ability to see a doctor.  The benefits in preventative care and screenings have been ramped up.  There will even be a program that will try home based delivery of care by physicians. Mostly, people with pre- existing conditions no longer need to live in fear.  

The ACA will take time to be perfected, but this is an historic opportunity for millions of people to have access to much needed screenings and care.

Here are a few resources that will help cancer patients have tools to better select insurance and also have access to treatment protocols that have been created.  

Love Denise


  1. Here is more info:
    For some plans, the consumer’s share of expenses may come in the form of large deductibles (e.g. above $5,000) with low out-of-pocket costs for services received after the deductible is satisfied. For other plans, the deductible might be low but the consumer would be responsible for 40% of the cost of every covered medical service he or she receives.
    The fundamental difference among the new Obamacare health plans is the percentage of covered medical costs paid by the health plan. The Bronze Plan pays 60% of typical medical costs while the other Obamacare health plans pay a higher percentage of these costs.

    DRASTICALLY thin provider networks on Obamacare Exchange plans


  2. Scarlett

    I truly believe much more information is needed to support any claim that there is some over-arching thinning of providers for patients with cancer. I understand that some insurance companies have chosen to increase their premiums. seems to be a helpful screening tool and I thank you for sharing.

    The Affordable Care Act in and of itself operates on a line of thinking that values all people and that healthcare is a right.

    Some people believe that the more money you have the better you deserve when it comes to healthcare. I don't think that way. In the same way I think every child deserves a Harvard education regardless of zip code I believe every person deserves state of the art care for their mind and body.

    We have to start. We have to give everyone a chance to receive regular medical care.

    I don't want to pay higher premiums either and I certainly don't want to see anyone else do the same.

    The Affordable Care Act is not to blame, call the insurance company and ask them why they raised their rates, put them in the hot seat.

    I wish you peace.


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