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Saturday, October 05, 2013

Obama's ACA Opens Door For Significant Cancer Research Options

More Cancer Research Available Because of The Affordable Care Act

Insurers required to pay for routine care costs in clinical trials


By Elsie Puig for TCAJOB

"Patients from all over the world have gone to the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance to participate in clinical trials, especially those for bone marrow and stem cell transplants.
“The benefits of choosing to participate in a clinical trial can be significant,” said Forbes."
I want to address the rumors being spread about how cancer patients will be left with fewer coverage options in 2014.  How do people say these things without actual evidence?  They say it because they don't like the healthcare bill and don't want all people to have access to quality care.
The above referenced article stated clearly  that because of the historic passing of the Affordable Care Act, not only will more patients have access to newly discovered treatments, research facilities will have a broader base of participants, which dramatically improves the quality and timeliness of much needed studies.
Insurance companies cannot deny coverage to patients who participate in a clinical trial.
I have opened up a response below from someone who claims that the number of options for quality cancer coverage is decreasing due to the Affordable Care Act.
Well, why would that be?  Hmmmm.  Maybe some insurance companies don't want to cover cancer, so they drop their contract with a facility that treats cancer patients.
So the insurance company is the entity responsible there I say.  Also, somewhere along the line big pharma really needs to lower their charges for medications, across the board.  It is ridiculous all around.
This is a really unique time for people with pre-existing conditions.  We will not let this go, ever, millions of us need the Affordable Care Act, even if it is not perfect.  The ACA has implemented within it Q&A, so it can adapt and change with demand.
I have already contacted the American Cancer Society and am looking forward to talking with someone on Monday.  Please also contact them if you have some concerns about these rumors.
The woman that I spoke from the American Cancer Society was glad to help me.  
As a Nation, we are for the very first time in history on the cusp of adding another layer of real equality to services that treat our lives.
It will take time for some of the problems to work themselves out, that is truth.  The right thing to do is to give everyone a chance for quality health care, not just the few with good jobs who are already healthy.  
Imagining a nation with less illness, more health, better education and improved strength is exciting to me.  Gee, maybe we can reduce and better treat drug addiction and mental illness.  Wow, more cancer screenings to catch cancer earlier.  More cardiac screenings to avert heart attacks.  Fewer people with diabetes.  
The Affordable Care Act is not just about cancer.  It is about everyone's right to have healthcare.  Healthcare that they can afford.  Healthcare that is ongoing, not just in the emergency room.  
Peace and Blessings,

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