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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Sign the Petition to turn Facebook Teal in September

Please link and sign this petition.  It is a petition to ask Facebook to turn their pages Teal in September.

Although Facebook historically has never publicly supported any cancer cause, now is the time.

I have desperately been hunting for a phone number, and none to be found.

I researched the EDGAR database

Here are their public documents.  In their initial filings, they are listed as TheFacebook, Inc with a phone number of 914-646-8593. That number is no longer available.

The recent filings show an address of
1601 Willow Road
Menlo Park, CA  94025

650-543-4800  (editors note, I finally found correct number and called and left a message)

I searched online for the Seattle office location, and found the article referencing the new building.  I have sent the Seattle Facebook Page a message.  I have sent many messages to Mark Zuckerberg.

It is going to take much more effort here just to talk to any live person!  I need a wrecking ball to break down the communications barriers.

Please sign the petition or mail Facebook the petition on Teal paper to add your name to the cause.  We need to flood their offices with requests.

The deadline is just a few days from now and I will do what I can to find a local address.

I apologize, as I am not a professional marketing person, but with your help, I can keep going!!!!

I am in treatment right now, and family matters do take up time, but this is very important.  My life would not be facing such uncertainty if I had been aware of ovarian cancer several years ago.

Thousands of women suffer great pain during this cancer journey, and it can be less traumatic if caught in the early stages.  When caught in the early stages, the 5 year survival rate is 90% or more.

I am not taking donations.  We are asking for time, and that is more precious than dollars.  Your time is more valuable now than ever if you have cancer or any other chronic severe health condition.  Your time will help save the life of another.

It may cost Facebook a few pennies to reprogram the colors of their pages, and add a message and a link to raise awareness, but think of how much of an impact that could make....your loved one may be saved.

Little girls can get ovarian much needs to be done!

I know I am begging but I'm not too proud to beg.....and other organizations that are promoting the same thing, please amp up your requests!!!!!!!!!!!

Denise Archuleta

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  1. I signed the petition and linked it to my Facebook page. Thank you for your effort towards this.


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