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Friday, August 10, 2012

I had Cervical cancer along with Ovarian Cancer

When I went through my initial ordeal with ovarian cancer, the pathology report also stated that I had severe  dysplasia of the cervix.  Cervical cancer.  I never talk about this because the Ovarian Cancer was and is so dominant.

The  Foundation for Women's Cancer is a great resource that helps women learn about all women's cancers.

I encourage you to take a look at their resources.

Who knows if they are all interconnected?  Which came first the chicken or the egg?

Peace and God Bless


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  Foundation for Women's Cancer

August 10, 2012 
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mom and daughterSeptember is Gynecologic Cancer Awareness Month and the Foundation kicks off its Fall Campaign with a 72-hour, continuous "Relay Round the White House" by survivors and supporters to raise awareness about reproductive cancers and the National Race to End Women's Cancer in November. Learn more
Knock out! partnered with The Foundation for Women's Cancer when the National Race directors, with passion in their voices and empathy in their hearts, approached CEO Angela Newnam."They educated me on the struggles to get attention for these rarely mentioned reproductive cancers. They asked me for help in their cause - to spread the word and to raise research money for these "below the belt" killers, such as cervical, ovarian and uterine cancers. Why me? I am the founder of Knock out! - we make Smart Panties and are very focused on issues below the belt. We are committed to helping educate women and to raise awareness and money for a cure."

Everyone knows about the pink ribbon - but not everyone is familiar with her sister, the purple ribbon, which represents all reproductive cancers. "We strive for similar success in raising awareness about gynecologic cancers," says Karen Carlson, Executive Director of the Foundation for Women's Cancer. "88,000 women are diagnosed each year, and nearly 30,000 die. Our mission is to raise research funds and educate women about how best to prevent, detect, treat and defeat women's gynecologic cancer. We are thrilled to have Knock out!'s support and their sponsorship of the National Race to End Women's Cancer."
Gynecologic cancers strike women young and old; the list includes Gilda Radner, Dixie Lee, Coretta Scott King, and Jessica Tandy. Olympic gymnast Shannon Miller and actress Kathy Bates are both survivors of ovarian cancer. National Race Survivors Committee Co-Chairs Jennie McGihon and Pamela Mielnik, both of Alexandria, VA, were diagnosed at 32 and 36 respectively. These GYN cancers are difficult to detect, and the Foundation educates women to learn the symptoms, listen to their bodies and seek care from a gynecologic oncologist, a doctor with specialized training for treating these deadly diseases.

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  1. Well that's one of the big questions eh - where do they come from, why do they do what they do?


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