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Friday, August 03, 2012

Ovarian Cancer National Alliance

We are coming up on September, Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month.  Above is a beautiful stamp created by Amy Tedder, a 6 year Ovarian Cancer survivor.  You can read more about her from the link below.

In the past few weeks we learned about Wendy Schultz, wife of MSNBC host of the Ed Show, Ed Schultz.  Wendy has had surgery and is receiving treatment for ovarian cancer.  Our prayers and love and support go out to you Wendy and Ed.

Please watch the video, it is compelling and you can feel the love that Ed has for his dear wife.

Mom is doing so much better, yay.  We are just doing all we can to be there for her so that she can get back to a sense of normalcy while we have some sunshine in Seattle.  She has so many complications, yet she pushes on, no matter what.  No matter the pain, the swelling, the fatigue, the sugar changes, or whatever tries to block her way.  'We love you mom.

I have my second treatment with  Lipodox next Monday.  Ugh, but it must be done.  This last time around, the nausea was pretty bad.  Overall though, I could breathe.  No shortness of breath.  That was so scary when on the carboplatin, so thankful that is gone.  Today I am grateful for the Lipodox and will deal with the side effects, because I'm here to deal with the side effects I can say thank you to God.

I love you all!


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  2. Thank you for following. We need to do all we can for our O C sisters. Peace

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