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Monday, March 19, 2012

I'll have one grande Carbodrip with cream, to go.

What?  It came back?  Can you repeat that please?

You're not gonna get me!

Getting real with ovarian cancer.

In this dream I was part of some superhuman task team, think "Alias" only my regular body, no amazing pilates body.  Our group was tasked to travel to another planet and board light beams that would take us high into the atmosphere.  The land was dark sienna in color, and each phase of the project took place in an auditorium.  We had to earn our light posts, and to earn them we had to compete against each other in small games.

My game was to see who could draw picture of a displayed make-up kit, in the fastest time.  I was wearing all black, skirt, hose, top, etc and little jacket.  We had cheap little clipboards, and were racing to see who could draw the fastest.  I won, and before I had time to receive an acknowledgement, I was forced to stand on a beam of light.  It was almost like a little hover board, made of light.

I soon found myself absorbed into a long line of others, on their little lights, ascending up way into the stratosphere, into another building.  The building seemed empty at first, but suddenly, I could feel a strong sense of urgency, a need to move quickly, to do something fast.

My hover beam moved me across the floor of the building, and I found myself again at the bottom of an escalator.  This time we were, one by one, slowly moving to the top.

At the top I was in a mall, and an old friend of mine was running, pulling at me to hide.  I ran to what I thought was a safe place, but it turned out that beams of light were coming up from everywhere.  There was no place to hide.

So I ran back to the area atop the escalator and a beam sucked me into it's force.  It shot me further up into the atmosphere, as high as you can imagine. It was my job to grab damaged beams and pull them back down to the main deck.  If I didn't do this fast enough, the force would not allow me to stop at the top, but instead simply eject me into outer space.


Today is March 19, 2012.  I was officially inaugurated into the chemo cup today with my first emergency room visit after my tasking carboplatin desensitization treatment on March 12, 2012.  I'll call it "carbodrip" for short.

My mom had been in the hospital with severe abdominal pain, just after a recent heart surgery, for 4 days.  She went home today, but I was not really ready to help.  My dear sister was with her from Friday to Sunday, and I stayed last night.

Mom is doing much better, thank you God.  I had a severe bout of abdominal pain on my left side, all over my back, tender to the touch.  My mom's nurse asked me if I was OK this morning, I said "no", and with little convincing, I went to ER at the hospital where mom was receiving treatment.  I wasn't much help today.

Without going into uggy details, I was super-dehydrated and not moving anything.  Super painful.  I was treated so sweetly, and the situation is partly resolved, but I have to drink, drink, drink, drink and take all my supplements from my digestive arsenal.  One of the worst effects of chemo is that it's like drinking cement, and there's nothing to avoid it.

When I got to the hospital on the 12th, I did start to get nervous.  I had really prepared mentally, but I still panicked.  Aside from a really late check in, everyone was nice, I saw my amazing gyn-onc twice.  She assured me I would be OK.

The nurse brought out a tool box full of pre-meds, to include things like epinephrin, benadryl, anti-nausea meds etc.  The process took about 10 hours, starting with teeny tiny injections of carboplatin, gradually increasing to total either 500 or 800 units, while being infused with fluids etc.  Ugh

I got the night sweats and chills so so so so so bad, I was drenched.  I was freeeeeeeeeeezing at one time.  Those are no fun.  My hot flashes have gone into overdrive since this treatment, oh goodie.

I have been medicated to the max this week........when will  poison not be an option????

The anti-nausea meds are great, and they lasted for a few days, but this week has been yucky.  Taste buds out of whack, lots of nausea, not as much fatigue, but definitely tired, and today's wonderful episode.  Forgetting some words, stuttering under pressure and emotional!

I have to thank Keifer Sutherland for "24".  I loved this show and watch re-runs on my roku.  This show is a saving token for me.  I literally forget all my stuff for that time, and just love the story line (not so much the violence).

But my point is that after this first desensitization, I have been crying when Jack Bauer does something honorable, or if a good guy gets knocked off, etc.  Weepy willows.

I'm just starting on this recurrence......hope I'm not a total basket case in 6 months!  Yikes.

Well, don't have to do the carbodrip until April.  Yay.  Thank you God for life, my family, my doctors, my friends, and that I can write about these weird things.  Thank you dear sister for taking me to the hospital and for helping mom when I can't be there.  I love you!


  1. You ROCK. You are a brave wise steely strong teal Warrior Woman.

  2. Ahhhh, Denise...
    I am WAY behind on my blog reading and I am SO upset that this happened. I'm positive and upbeat and I know you have a great team around you and I'm betting on your doc who says this recurrence will be stopped in its tracks.

    I'm just upset, angry and all that "stuff" because you have to GO THROUGH the chemo thing again.


  3. Wow, Denise! Your dream is much more wild than my little episode with Calvin Coolidge! lol

  4. Oh Denise..6 months!
    I wish I could wave a magic wand for you and take it away. You are so brave and inspiring!
    Please let us know if there is anyuthing we can do to help. Also if you are ever on 7th floor on a Monday and would like visitors.

  5. You are strong, have a positive attitude, and a creative mind. Know that we are all here for you. I will keep you in my prayers.

  6. Praying that the carbodrip works for you. Hang in there. You can become NED again after a recurrence


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