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Monday, March 12, 2012

Chemo trip tomorrow eeeeeegads

When we were little, we went to visit my mom's parents in rural northeast Brighton, CO.  Grandma and Grandpa had a little horse farm.  My Grandpa liked to raise thoroughbreds.  I am in the middle of my sister and brother here.  This is their back porch and you can see that we are having a fun time, as always, when we got to go see the horses.  I remember vividly one of the horses was out of the stall, and out of the gate, closely following my mom as she was trying to scurry out of it's way.  Big horse...little mom.  Ha.

My mom always talks about the integrity of her father and how he shaped her to be a strong, compassionate, honest and driven person.  Those traits have kept her alive, especially in the past year.

Mom has another heart surgery this week, so I'm praying for her.  She is in great hands and I know she will do fine.  She is getting one more stent, and she'll be like new again.  Wow, unbelievable recovery.  Thank you all for keeping her in your prayers.  I am very happy that she has such an incredible cardiac team.

My friends Joe and Heidi Hendricks are doing double duty tomorrow.  They are friends on my facebook page and I have their blog linked, "When you both have cancer".  Joe is having surgery because of a cancer recurrence and Heidi will be receiving a very toxic chemo tomorrow.  Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

As for me, well, I go into chemo tomorrow.  I have to stay overnight at the hospital because my treatment consists of administering to me a chemo that I'm allergic to.  I am in a recurrence, as you pry know.  The three tumors are active, and my gynecology oncologist believes that Carboplatin is the best medication to treat me.  The process is called "chemo desensitization".

My bone marrow is weak, and I guess I cannot tolerate more than one drug at a time.  Supposedly carbo has the least toxic side effects and fits perfectly to kill off those unfriendly tumors.

So, I'm a little nervous, but I was told I'd be watched like a hawk.  It takes 10 hours just to administer the chemo.

I won't be dragging my heavy laptop around........but plan to give an update wither Tuesday or Wednesday.

My dear sister has been running her behind off helping everyone out.  She is so sweet to take me to the hospital tomorrow....thank you sis!

To all of you my peace and love,



  1. Those childhood memories are so precious.

    I pray all will go well for both you and your Mom.

  2. Peace and blessings with huge pile of positive energy coming your way tomorrow.

  3. Sorry I missed your post about recurring. I was out two years from finishing my first chemo and I became NED again and so can you. Here I am 3 years oiut ( the end of April) from my last chemo. Hope your chemo goes smoothly.
    And I pray your mom recovers quickly from her surgery.
    Hugs Teal Sister.


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