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Sunday, June 26, 2011

My dream

I had a really interesting dream last night.  I dreamed about my amazing surgeon, my amazing gynoc, my family and other people I don't know.  It was a celebration, my party, that I no longer had cancer.  
It was fantastic.

Imagine an old french cottage, but it's the size of a huge warehouse.  The cottage house was nestled up in some mountain range and I was frantically trying to prepare food for my guests.  I knew they were coming over to celebrate my recovery, but I had no food to serve.  This was causing quite a panic.

All I had were partial jars of spaghetti sauce (which I rarely buy) and a fondue pot.  I was so stressed because I had all these people over and nothing to serve. Anyway, the place was crowded, laughter all around, everyone was having fun!  My beautiful sister was entertaining everyone with her artwork and she had even designed a fantastic set design for U2.  She had mocked up a miniature set backdrop and was going to enter it into a contest.  Everyone was proud of her work.

My cousin and loving aunt were with me in the kitchen helping with food, the rest of the family and friends were in the living area.  Suddenly my surgeon came in and gave me a big hug and off in the background my gynoc waved at me and gave me a big smile.

My surgeon was wearing a huge fur coat and looked like he was off to go skiing in the alps, funny.  He looked deep into my eyes and said I was going to be OK.  (I can still feel his hug)  It was a great dream.

I see my gynoc's nurse practitioner tomorrow, for a follow up, get a CA125 and physical exam.  I hope my dream is a reality and that things stay good.  I'll let ya know.  Have a great Sunday.

Peace, love and blessings.  


  1. Hoping that you hear good news.

  2. Hi Dee,

    Thanks. I feel good about it. Hope you are well. Thanks for stopping by....Peace

  3. What a fantastic dream! Other than the "no food" part, lol. Praying for good news tomorrow for you.


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