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Friday, June 10, 2011

Boot Scootin' along

A sprained ankle!  Welcome to the real world.  I fell off a curb the other night, and this is my reward.  I've never had a sprained ankle in my life, and now I get one....HA.  The curb was only a few inches high, but it was covered with leaves and little branches etc.  I had no clue that a curb even existed until I found myself tumbling to the ground, of course in S-L-O-W motion.  I could walk on it but it hurt.  "J' was walking with me and he was so sweet, he said he wished he'd held onto me.  We had been holding hands, but had let go right before I fell............sigh.

At 3am I found myself crawling across the floor to get some ice because I couldn't walk on my right leg.  The  next morning I was still crawling around because I couldn't put any weight on my foot at all.  My insurance company told me that they preferred I go to my PCP instead of mom and I took a cab ride to the PCP.  They did Xray and found no fractures, thank God.

The thing is that it was great to have mom there with me, I really needed help.  AND it was sort of a refreshing change of pace to see a doctor for something normal.  No major episodes of anything tragic or cancer related, just a sprained ankle. Not that I'm happy to have a sprained ankle, but it was just nice to have something simple for a change.  

The doctor, the nurses, the techs were all so so nice.  Wow, that was great!!!!

Plus, we are changing my antidepressant now....yay.  Going to ween off of Paxil and start Effexor.  Hoping that this change will decrease my drowsiness and help me to get up earlier in the day.  Really need to be able to function on 8 hours of sleep versus 12.  Getting back into a normal life will demand that.

Thank you to my friends and previous co-workers who have given me permission to have future employers contact them for references!!!!  Really need THAT.

Please follow my sister on her Weathered Silo Blog, just to the left here of my blog.

I have seen her beautiful paintings and they took my breath away.  She really is talented.  I can't wait for her to start selling her work.  

My brother was chosen to coach a hockey team and they will be travelling out of state to compete in some championship competitions.  Yay for him.

My cousin Tammy is having her baby shower this weekend...yay.  My aunt and uncle are so excited!!!!

And my mom is having a good day today....yay.

Love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I am so sorry Denise about the ankle! Praying you heal fast..

    Joe Hendricks

  2. Thanks Joe. You guys are always in my thoughts and prayers. Denise


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