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Sunday, September 29, 2013


With National Ovarian Cancer And Gynecological Cancer Awareness month wrapping up and Breast Cancer Awareness Month beginning, it is a perfect time to learn more about genetic mutations.

I have a BRCA1 mutation, that was detected after my ovarian cancer debulking surgery.  As par for my course, the California insurance company denied the test.

The test was approved in Seattle.  Seattle is where my best care has ever been.

This testing is critical.

My relatives are at a higher risk of breast and ovarian cancer .  If I had  not have been tested, we would not have known our options in these cases.   My relatives have choices that could avert cancer, if possible.

Earlier in the year I spoke out about how proud I was of Angelina Jolie, for being pro-active with respect to her bilateral prophylactic mastectomy.

If I would have known about this testing before 2009, I would have had my ovaries removed for certain, and probably preventative breast removal surgery as well.

Currently I am in a monitoring program, one breast MRI and one mammogram per year coupled with regular physical exams.

Because I am on Avastin I cannot have a major surgery.  If you are in chemo you can't have  prophylactic bilateral mastectomy.   So we watch, and so far I am good. Thank God!

On a personal note, I am always really tired and need 12 hours or more per night to sleep.  I am in more pain, but my markers seem to be getting better.  I will stay on Avastin as long as God and my wonderful gynonc allow.

Praying for a screening test for ovarian cancer.....and continued research for cures.  I am also praying for more daily living resources to help us pay bills, rent, co-pays and laws that allow for access to resources that otherwise require a terminal status.  It is weird to have a cancer that is likely to kill you but not be able to access much needed resources that can ease just a little of the daily burden.

Unless you were wealthy before cancer, this is what happens after ovarian cancer.  It is costly in so many ways and really, who prepares for cancer?

If I had breast cancer I would have access to more resources.

That is just wrong on so many levels!

I have to say that I am so proud of the SCCA for having a patient and family fund program, because they have helped me here and there. Cancer Lifeline in Seattle has also been an invaluable resource for me

Peace and Love,

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