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Friday, February 01, 2013

Talking about Death....And Living

 I have a very special and dear friend in California.  She knew me before cancer and before cancer I can honestly say I felt like she was a soul sister.  She was my confident and teacher.  She still is to this day.  When we talk the calls grow into discussions of "important" matters, God, Helping, Living, Peace, Being a change agent in some capacity, doing the best possible, living art, being art, laughing at what cannot be changed and finding love and joy in whatever comes.  

Griefwalker by Tim Wilson, National Film Board of Canada

She posted a private message on Facebook of a fascinating video about palliative care.  I respect that for some it may not be something you want to see, but if you can, listen.  I felt a sense of peace about death after the video, just a little more peace.  That peace is priceless.  Healthy or not healthy, I believe this short film will bring you something good.

My dear friend brought something very good to me and I want to thank you so much  Barb!  Hugs and Peace to you.  

To you my dearest readers and followers, my heart is with you. 

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