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Monday, February 04, 2013

'Master' proto-oncogene regulates stress-induced ovarian cancer metastasis

A quote from the article:
"Building on the Stress-Cancer Connection For the past 13 years, Sood's research efforts have focused on the effects of chronic stress on cancer metastasis. The latest study helps form a more comprehensive picture on the impact of and biological mechanics of chronic stress on ovarian cancer, as well as the role of beta blockers in slowing disease progression. Previous studies have shown:"

I am sort of obsessing a bit on stress, cancer, and how much we need to understand about cancer growth.  The article is very interesting and hopefully will motivate all of us to find ways to better manage our stress.

I have my chemotherapy tomorrow and wonder if there has ever been a valid and reliable study where participants were allowed to stay in some sort of retreat, far away from worries and agitators.  Would it show significant benefit in comparison to others of same cancer type and age range?  Hmmmm

Better yet, lets just assume that stress always makes cancer worse and build up resources for patients, family, caregivers and treatment facilities to simply offer more options to reduce and prevent stress.  Why wait for more research on this?  

We can feel that stress hurts us.  Cancer is a major source of stress on it's own, for the patient and all who love them.  The fear of death, the anger, the pain, the losses.  

Not long ago I thought "That's what I'll do, I'll start a foundation that raises money to build little health getaways all over the world so people who are sick can get break from this madness".  I have no energy for that, but it's a great dream.

I would never turn down an opportunity for our family to have an all out get together at a beautiful place away from the chaos, for just a moment in time, to heal our souls, laugh and play once again. But no matter where we go, we take our pain and our fears with us, unless we find a way towards inner peace.  


I will dream of paradise, heaven on earth and try to remember what my body felt like when I was a kid.  I will think about what it's like to be a little baby or toddler, and laugh at all that is silly.  I will think of my family and embrace love.  I will feel the love of God and believe in His healing.  I will have faith. I will keep finding more ways to forgive and pray for forgiveness of my own sins.

Your faith may not be my faith, but not the matter, for it is based in Love.  

On a side note:

I may watch "Love Actually" later in the week, maybe before work, too.

It reminds me of the last time I saw it.  My sweet sister had come to Sacramento after my initial debulking surgery and one night we just watched the movie.  I was in terrible pain and could not walk down stairs. I was stuck up in my rented room.  Being with her, getting a much needed reprieve from cancer talk, watching this amazing gem of a movie is one of my most treasured memories.  

Good night and love you all.


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