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Sunday, September 09, 2012

Tastes Like Heaven

Sunday is a day of rest for most, at least I hope.  I hope you know that I have been working very hard over the past week or so to spread the word about the importance of learning more about ovarian cancer. I am contacting Facebook and will continue to do so regarding our important petition.  Now it's time to share something unique, something joyful.

Today is a day to tend to what brings us the little "happys" in life.  A day for giving thanks to God (in your own way) and to those around us to make the curves or our mouths go "up".  A time to be in awe of nature, of something artful and inspiring.  A day to stand near a creek or river and listen to the trickling sounds that soothe your heart.  A time to play with the children and laugh from deep inside your gut.  A moment to take time to call a long lost friend or your parents and see how they are doing.  Say hello to your neighbor and smile brightly.   Someone's grandparent probably has an incredible story that needs to be told, and you can be there to listen.

At the risk of creating an outcry, I want to share the cutest little video of my sweet kitty cat Marilyn.  She is my little angel.  She keeps me from feeling lonely and gives me someone to talk to.  She has the most adorable little kitty voice, not a classic "meow", but ....well....I can't describe it.

She literally hangs out with me all the time.  She is so tidy and girly.  She is just the sweetest gift from God.  I was looking for a cat back in January, really debating the whole idea.  What am I doing?  What if something happens to me, who will take care of her?  Do I really want that litter box?  Ha!

I saw her needing adoption from a foster family at that time, along with other beautiful cats, but didn't take action because I just wasn't ready.  Every day I kept saying to myself that I wanted a cat.  I couldn't stop thinking about it.  Finally a few months later I couldn't take it any more.  The apartment was empty, just me and furniture, etc.  No life!

So I was searching and I saw her again!  I scheduled a meeting with the foster parents and just fell in love with her.  She was meant for me.

Before you watch, I want to let you know I did research on roses and cats.  I found no actual proof that rose petals cause problems.  My Marilyn loves rose petals.  So here she is.  Enjoy.


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