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Monday, September 24, 2012

In loving memory of Heidi, from their blog

When You Both Have Cancer: I Will Always Love You Heidi - Farewell: Heidi Hendricks Heidi departed for Heaven this morning.   I will always love her.   Thank you for the prayers and positive tho...

My deepest sympathies to Joe and their families.  Heidi is loved by many, including me.  Rest in Peace sweet Heidi.


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  2. Denise,

    I am so sorry to read this... I send you love....



  3. AnneMarie,

    Thank you. I am praying heavily for Joe and her family.

    We in this community gain strength when one of our brothers or sisters passes, and we have to maintain faith and hope that in the future, cancer will not be something to fear.

    Heidi was a sweetie genuinely nice and patient. She fought a hard battle.

    Peace to you, xox

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